Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital

2419 Arkansas Lane
Arlington, TX 76013



Full Service Veterinary Facility

Health and Well-Being

The most important thing we do is to help you to preserve the daily health of your pet.  From the initial physical exam to the selection of appropriate vaccinations, to the control of parasites, to discussions about nutrition and wellness, we strive to provide comprehensive and effective veterinary care with compassion and caring. 


Medical Treatment

We are well equipped to treat your animal companion if he/she should fall ill or become injured.  Several types of intravenous fluid therapies are available, as well as colloids, blood and blood elements for transfusion, an extensive pharmacy with injectable and oral medications...all to help in the treatment of your pet's maladies.

Our staff is highly trained to administer the treatments prescribed by our doctors. Such things as blood pressure, central venous pressure, and EKG's are all utilized to monitor therapies for the changing conditions of our patients' diseases and injuries. Specialists are consulted regularly to improve the chances of a successful outcome on the more difficult cases, and when indicated, a referral to these experts is made.


While some surgical procedures are extremely common, we consider none to be routine

All surgeries are performed with the most modern anesthetics.  Monitoring of all parameters of our anesthetized patients is performed using sophisticated equipment measuring heart rate, internal temperature, and oxygen saturation of the red blood cells, as well as pulse and respiration.  A continuous EKG is also employed for the safety of your pet.



Pain Management

One of our goals is that none of our patients should be in pain.  The areas we feel that we can help the most are as follows:


Surgery:  We firmly believe that no animal should wake up from surgery in pain.  To that end we provide a variety of analgesic alternatives based on the procedure and the likelihood of pain.  Animals who don't show pain might still be experiencing it; we therefore assume that they are and treat accordingly.  At our disposal are a large number of agents designed for this purpose.

  It is well known that pain leads accident victims deeper into shock, so we assess pain in the same way we assess the rest of the damage done to a wounded individual.  Relief of traumatic pain is among the highest priorities in our initial approach, and maintained throughout the treatment until comfort is restored.

Arthritis:  Much has been done recently to relieve the crippling nature of this disease in our pets, and restore significant function and comfort to them.  In particular,  anti-inflammatories are slowing down the degeneration of the joints and analgesics are reducing the daily discomfort more potently than ever.  In addition, injectable glycosaminoglycans allow our patients to resume activities they had forsaken because of arthritic or traumatized joints.


For initial diagnosis and monitoring of ongoing treatments, we are equipped to make rapid and accurate diagnosis of your pet's illness.  An in-house blood analyzer gives us extensive information about blood cell counts and chemistries. 

A nationally recognized reference laboratory is utilized for more extensive tests not performed in-house.  In addition, it allows us access to pathologists, cytologists, and microbiologists to obtain more diagnostic information on your pet's condition.  Results are faxed or downloaded several times a day in order to prevent delays in appropriate treatments.

Of course, fecal examinations, ear swabs, skin scrapes, and needle aspirates are evaluated microscopically on a daily basis to aid in the detection of parasites, infections, and certain types of cancers.

Radiology is performed on-site, and both regular and detailed contrast studies are performed and evaluated by our doctors immediately.  When necessary, ultrasonography and endoscopic biopsy are available to us by a board-certified internist who makes regular and special visits to our facility for these advanced diagnostic procedures. 

Dental Services

We utilize cutting-edge dental equipment to provide the most up-to-date treatments to insure the restoration of oral health to your pet.

While dental scaling, polishing and fluoride treatments are done routinely, the extraction of badly diseased teeth is an important part of the hygiene in some patients.  Obviously, every effort is made to preserve all teeth, but like in people, periodontal disease has significant consequences.


For endodontics and restorations we refer to a board-certified veterinary dentist.

We understand only too well, like other aspects of pet health, much is left up to the caring owner.  Therefore, we provide detailed information in helping you maintain good oral health for your pet, as well as distributing products to aid in oral hygiene.